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What is Spellfury?

Spellfury is a low-budget comedic fantasy adventure web series that was started by a bunch of fantasy loving filmmakers!  
The series follows the elf Druinia as she tries to avenge her father's murder with the help of a magic sword. Along her journey she encounters magic, monsters, friends and foes.



2013 Gencon
Official Selection
2013 Hollyweb Official Selection
2010 Indie Intertube Nominee Best Scifi/Fantasy
the film
The facts

What is Spellfury?



Who brings Spellfury to life?

The series is written, directed and edited by creator Travis Gordon.  Travis wanted to make something that captured his love of fantasy, comedy, puppetry and good story telling.  After completing two feature-length films, he had assembled a team of talented actors and crew and in 2008 Spellfury was born.  By combining fantasy, action, comedy and drama the show delivers a  new take on the fantasy genre.

The mission


Why we make the show

The team behind Spellfury works hard to bring their audience a fun, exciting adventure.  It's a labour of love.  We have a lot of fun making the show and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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