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Julie O'Halloran


Julie O'Halloran is the lead actress in Spellfury. She plays an elf Druinia who is trying to avenge her father's death with a magic sword. Her character Druinia is mentioned in the article "12 most memorable leading ladies of fantasy-films."

In 2007, she played a villain called Heida Hurtz in a feature-length film called Mass Stupidity. She was also the lead actress in an award winning dramatic short called "Revelation" at the 2008 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

Ian Quick


Ian Quick is the backstabbing thief Xorn.  He is known for his work on Jurassic Shark (2012), Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015) and Konga TNT (2020).

Before going into showbiz, Ian was a corporate lawyer.

Has been a professional magician since 1992.

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Penu Chalykoff


Penu Chalykoff is the lead villian Kruskull and the brash fighter Castle.  
Penu played another villian 'The Great Scorpion' in the 2007 feature length movie 'Mass Stupidity'

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Lisa Forrester


Lisa is the blue skinned villainess named Davinica. Her powers match Kruskull's and she's been hired to finally free the red dragon from the mountain.


Debra Ereaut


Debra is the kind hearted Velura, owner of the puppet and monster filled tavern in Fullriver.

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Brant Daniluk


Brant is the mysterious, bad tempered Draca who is searching for the magic sword.

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