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Canadian writer-director Travis Gordon throws World Of Warcraft video games, Lord of the Rings pomposity and Buffy The Vampire Slayer snark into the blender for this live-action series. Best part: The blue ogre with bloody eyes is every bit as creepy as Billy Crudup's "Doctor Manhattan," made for about .00001 of the cost. 

Well, it ain’t LORD OF THE RINGS, but it is kind of fun.  Now, I don’t want to oversell this one. The budget is low and the acting leaves a bit to be desired, but there was a certain backyard filmmaking charm about SPELLFURY that made me smile while watching it. The freaky man-baby demon floating around in the woods was definitely something birthed from a cracked mind. The narrative is brisk; something about an enchanted sword, a female elf, and said creepy man-baby. There’s a cool fight in the woods involving all three that utilized some nice special effects. Only three episodes of this live action webseries are available so far, but the effects are decent enough and the brevity of the episodes make this good way to waste two minutes at work. Not sure if this webseries is taking its self series or not, but I have to admit, I had some fun watching it.

It’s ever so corny, but it has such heart. It’s a WoW player’s dream web series, but it’s got enough for everyone to enjoy. Magical, mystical and gripping. Episodes up until episode ten run at about one minute in length, and this helps add to the tension that is building episodically. You’re always left wanting more. It is inspired by the works of Tolkien, and features Julie O’Halloran as the lead character Druinia, an elf who finds a magical sword and is being hunted by a scary evil sorcerer. Exciting, violent and a little bit gross-out, this one is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.

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